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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 1: Neck Pain, SIlent House and Blog is Here!

I'm brimming with half baked plans that need to be brought to fruition. Otherwise I will go crazy(er )

Mission Statement:
Ms Adventures strives to creatively  document her ascent into finished tasks, clean kitchens, arriving on time and most importantly, all things I hope to design.

I will refrain from excessive photos of my children that could attract horrible people.  I will commit to a daily entry for the next 100 Days.  I will edit my videos so that my bum looks not SO big.  If  I get one follower that is not a member of my family or my three friends  I will be so shocked that I will probably send them money (If I can remember to buy stamps.)

Pledge of the Completion Challenged Mind Wandering Blogger
I do solemely swear
To take my meds
To make my bed
To return calls to friends 
To speak in sentences that have a clear end.
Is that one right now?
I do solemly swear to demonstrate how to use a jackhammer
(as soon as i figure out how.)
I swear not to write bad poetry
Wait a minute
Oh crap.

I guess my first entry could be qualified as my setting up my blog.  It's taken most of the morning. I'm not very competent with anything computerish. hence, my use of the word computerish.   I have a unique scenario. I'm holed up in San Francisco with a horrible bad neck that feel like whiplash.  It's better than it was yesterday but not by much.   The kids have gone to Stinson Beach with Paul and I feel so scarily relieved to have this time.  I wish I was a bit more mobile and in less pain but hey....Beggars cant be choosers.  Maybe I will fake neck pain next time I need a break.

I did intend to devote this day to getting bills and filing done (another activity I can do without moving too much) but I am so delighted to have embarked on this "biglittle" challenge. If all goes well, day two will be photos of my completed files.  Who knows? It could also be a rant about being in my pajamas and watching television AGAIN.

Getting things done for most people is challenging.  For me, nigh impossible.  Figuring out that I had ADD was such a relief. As you will see, I still have lots to learn.  I'm writing and documenting this process because I am a frustrated non-functioning creative and I hope this blog will keep me motivated and dare to dream...Creating?

I am obsessed by design ......but most of my ideas and plans are locked in my brain.  I'm hoping  to figure out through this challenge how to turn ideas into reality and make things round here more purdy. I will share the process and the results both good and bad.  Sadly, I will probably share spelling mistakes, sloppy grammar and a host of other annoying items that makes my schoolteacher mother lovingly disappointed and slightly annoyed.  I need an editor, a makeup artist, a stylist and a lighting tech.  Since I do not have these talents at hand you get to see and read some real treats.    Probably you already have.

See you tomorrow.


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